Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last of the Holiday Decorations

The house always looks bare with the Christmas decorations gone. I have a few snowy, wintery themed decorations that I bring out, but I think I need a few more, ha ha. Maybe I can recycle some treasures I already have, in the meantime, enjoy more shots of the decorations that are now packed away.
These are the traditional Christmas red and green colors. 
Jingle bells
My mom asked me to make this wreath a couple of years ago for their front door. My parents installed a screen door and now the wreath is too deep for the front door soooo it fit perfectly on my front door! I actually have two front doors, one outside and one in the enclosed porch. That is where this was until I borrowed it for the photos.  
A vintage style santa and christmas clown.  
The little bear is part of a "memory tin" that I used to make. I would arrange items in a basket, tin or old coffee pot using vintage pieces like doilies, cookie cutters, old silverware, bears, gingerbread men, etc. I sold just about all of them but was able to keep this one for myself.  
Winter Preserves, made by my good friend, Joyce. She uses a vintage Ball jar and adds lots of "snow" in the bottom that I like to shake up like a snow globe.

 Here is a vintage chocolate mold that I picked up many years ago.

This is a vintage glass bead garland that I got when the April Cornell store in Philadelphia was going out of business. I can't tell you how many times I was in that store for the last clearance sale. I loved that place.

And last is my small tree (one of them, lol), all of the "ornaments" are vintage clip earrings that I collected over the years. I love it so it so much that it stays up all year long.

See you soon!

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