Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Favorite Color

I'm so blue, turquoise that is...  my favorite color. I use it as an accent color all over my house, like here in the dining room. I have two windows on the side of my house that get great light during the day. I put some of my turquoise glass in the window for some great color in the room. It really brightens up the whole room.

I really like all of these vases and I have been collecting them for years. I got a couple of them at the Pier One Imports clearance store. I loved that store. I think I was in there at least once a week and was so sad when they closed all of their clearance stores.

Here are photos of more turquoise -- a pitcher and glasses and some white milk glass. Yeah I have a collection of white milk glass too. I really like the hobnail style, but I also have other pieces. I'll post pictures of that another time.

And yes I also collect some silver, shhh. This tray is one of my favorite pieces of silver. It's bigger than most trays I've seen, really ornate, and has legs. I picked this up at the Goodwill store for about $6.00, amazing - I know.

Cheerio for now!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is almost here.....

...and I can't wait. Warm weather, new growth, and flowers. I love flowers and my flower beds are growing. I have lots of snowbells and crocuses, and the daffodils are just about ready. I even see the tulips starting. I am really looking forward to seeing the colorful display. Take a peek, but don't look at the leaves, I mean mulch.
The snowbells are the first flowers that bloom each year. They tell me that spring is not far away.

The next flowers to show themselves are the crocuses. Most of blooms are beautiful bright purple but I also have a few yellow. I don't have pics of the yellow ones yet, maybe soon.
The next flowers to show themselves are my daffodils. There are lots of them. I think I need to separate them this year after they are done blooming. Oooh that will mean lots more to bloom next year. Yay!
These are starting to bloom a beautiful bright yellow.
Here is something else popping up, and I have no idea what it is. I don't recognize the leaves. I know I planted lots of bulbs a year ago in the fall and some did not bloom last year. If someone knows what it is, please comment and let me know. Oh well I guess it will be a surprise when it blooms. I will be excited all over again when it is something new!
Take a look to see what is starting to grow in your garden, you might be surprised too.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Waiting for Spring

I have been stuck at home recently and going a little stir crazy. Looking out the window I see lots of growth in my flower beds and I can't wait until they are blooming! 
So... I start creating... a lot... gotta pass the time. Here are photos of what I have been creating, a whole line of jewelry of copper, red and turquoise. Enough talk, on to the pictures.


The next collection I am working on is Pastels. Here is a sneak peek.

Until next time...

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